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Know the Fashion Tips

Know the Fashion Tips

If you are close to or have already turned 30, this story will ring a bell. Insecurity, fear, and many “am I that old?” keeps coming to your mind. And that is simply for changing the decade on your ID card. According to a study by the University of Greenwich, there is a period of anxiety and isolation when you pass the third decade of life and that finds its origin in the fear of not fulfilling everything you had proposed years before. Yes, the dreaded mid-life crisis. But, let’s face it, these are also the beginning of a stage of personal growth in which you have a more settled head and clearer ideas.

This, in fashion territory, translates into the fact that, after the occasional stylistic blunder (like those orange butane elephant leg pants or those strange combinations of leggings with white boots that you wore at 15 and 16 to go out on a Saturday afternoon), now is the time when you have found your own style, you know how to take advantage of yourself and you value, above all things, being comfortable 24/7. So, yes, maybe it’s time to stop lamenting and start looking at the glass half full. The way to make the most of your closet from now on? By taking these tips as a starting point.

What’s my size?

It may seem silly, but a garment that fits too big or too small can ruin your look. A recent study by The New York Times has shown that a high percentage of the U.S. population doesn’t know what size they wear. And this is especially true when it comes to oversized pieces, underwear, and footwear. The solution? Take a tape measure and a piece of paper to know your measurements and also study how the brands you usually buy from size, since each one does it in a different way.

Get an icon

The Barcelona (or the Puzzle) by Loewe, the Dionysus by Gucci, the 2.55 by Chanel, a Speedy by Louis Vuitton, the Lady Dior… There are so many iconic bags that it is almost impossible to choose just one. The thirties usually come with an improvement in the economic situation and the realization of your own style. So now may be the best time to invest in a bag that will last you a lifetime, because yes, you deserve it.

Create a closet where the focus is on basics.

If there is a winning outfit, it is always the one that includes at least one basic garment: a white shirt, a cashmere sweater, a little black dress that you can wear day and night, a pair of pumps, a tote bag, a jewelry bag, a watch with something different? Much has been written about which garments make up the 10 closets. The answer is clear: those that are so versatile that they can be included in countless looks.

Less is more: bet on quality and not so much on quantity.

And, let’s be honest, there comes a point when, among so many garments, you can’t find anything to wear. So maybe it’s the perfect time to start investing in quality garments (those that can become the object of inheritance from parents to children in the future) and put aside the idea that the important thing is to accumulate dozens of “just in case”.

Make a careful selection of garments from your closet.

And in this Youtube (who else?) can be a great ally. And is that the platform is full of tutorials that teach you how to clean the closet in a quick way. In fact, it is enough to put “clean closet” for the search engine to yield 30,000 results. It doesn’t matter how, but try to narrow it down to the pieces that have the most potential. Many times a timely goodbye can be considered a victory. If you want to find more information, check Temu on Sitejabber now!